Invited Talk “Unification of Deep Learning and Reasoning ” by Prof. Dapeng O. Wu,Dec.20 2018

Professor Dapeng,Wu from University of Florida, USA, will give a speech at 14:00, Dec.20 Thursday 2018, in Room 309, Science Building, Handan Campus, Fudan university.

The topic is “Unification of Deep Learning and Reasoning”.

The post is as attachment. Interested teachers and students are welcomed to this talk.


While deep learning has achieved a huge success in various learning problems, the current models are still far away from replicating many functions that a normal human brain can do. Memorization based deep architecture have been recently proposed with the objective to learn and predict better.

In this talk, I will present a model that involves a primary learner with an adjacent structured memory bank which can not only predict the output from a given input but also relate it to all its past memorized instances and help in its creative understanding. This paper presents a spatially forked deep learning architecture that can even predict and reason about the nature of an input belonging to a category never seen in the training data by relating it with the memorized past representations at the higher layers. Characterizing images of unseen geometrical figures is used as an example to showcase the operational success of the proposed framework.




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