Ang LI (李昂)

Mr. Li received his  Master’s degree in the Adaptive Networks and Control Laboratory, Department of Electronic Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai, under the supervision of Prof. Xiang LI, 2015, and his B.S. degrees in communication engineering from PLA Information Engineering University, Zhengzhou, China, 2007.

His research interests mainly focus on evolutionary game theory and game-theoretical optimization on vertex cover.

His academic dissertation:

“Towards evolutionary game optimizations to vertex cover of networks” (<基于演化博弈的网络点覆盖优化算法研究>)

His publication:


  1. C.B. Tang, A. Li, Xiang Li(correspondence author), When reputation enforces evolutionary cooperation in unreliable MANETs, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2014,  in press. (Regular Paper)

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