Frontier Forum of Network Science Meeting Minutes

To further track the most cutting-edge academic trends of network theory and application, promote the development of scientific research, this ‘Research Center of Smart Networks and Systems’ was launched by RCSNS of Fudan University on June 16 in the Henglong Physical Building.

In the first stage, Chair, the founding director of RCSNS, Prof. Xiang Li welcomed all of attendees. And later, Prof. Piet Van Mieghem from Delft University of Technology gave a lecture on Time-varying SIS prevalence in networks. The second lecture was given by Dr. Gang Yan from Northeastern University. Network control and its application to nervous systems were introduced.

201606Frontier_Mieghem 201606Frontier_Yan

After tea break, Dr. Huijuan Wang chaired the forum. In the lecture of Dr. Michele Starnini from Universitat de Barcelona, Temporal network modeling of social interactions was focused on. Later, “Familiar Stranger” Phenomenon in a Large-scale VoD System was lectured by Dr. Yuedong Xu from Fudan University.

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After the lunch break, the forum was resumed and chaired by Prof. Piet Van Mieghem. First lecture was given by Prof. Xiaofan Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which discussed the Quantization Effect on Complex Networks. Then, Dr. Huijuan Wang from Delft University of Technology delivered a lecture on Epidemic Mitigation via Awareness Propagation in Communications Network: the Role of Time Scale.

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During the subsequent tea break, photographs of some major attendees are taken as a souvenir.


The last stage was chaired by Dr. Cong Li, an associate professor of RCSNS, from Fudan University. Dr. Changbing Tang from Zhejiang Normal University gave a lecture on “Game Optimization for the Unreliable Wireless Cooperations with Indirect Reciprocity”. PhD candidate Yiling Yuan from Fudan University gave a lecture on “Resource allocation for D2D communication in cellular networks: A matching theory framework”. Dr. Yiqing Zhang from Fudan University gave a lecture on “Estimating Epidemic Thresholds in a Temporal-networked Cyber-social Population”. Finally, Prof. Xiang Li thanked all speakers for their excellent reports and concluded the forum.

201606Frontier_Tang 201606Frontier_Yuan 201606Frontier_Zhang

Under the framework of network science covering both theory and applications, Prof. Xiaofan Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Prof. Piet van Mieghem from Delft University, Dr. Michele Starnini from Universitat de Barcelona and other scholars gave their wonderful lectures, especially around “Network Quantization”, “Epidemic Prevalence in Time-Varying Networks”, “Network Modeling and Analysis”, “The Control of Networks”, “Game Theory on Networks”, etc. Far from being affected by English communication, lots of hot issues and topics in academy have been warmly discussed by more than sixty attendees. All reports themselves are extraordinary splendid. Behind the meticulous analysis of complicated issues, after the rigorous theoretical deduction of mathematical logic, beneath the graceful conclusions, brand new ponder and exploration are once more appeared in front of us. This frontier forum not only is the harvest of knowledge and inspiration, but also provides us an opportunity to have a close contact with academic elites, yet still be an intoxicating academic journey.

Topic: Frontier Forum of network science

Time: 16th June, 2016

Venue: Room 521, Henglong Physical Building, Fudan University, Shanghai

Forum Sponsor: Research Center of Smart Networks and Systems (RCSNS), School of Information Science and Engineering, Fudan University

Chair: Xiang Li, Huijuan Wang, Piet Van Mieghem, Cong Li

Attendees: Xiaofan Wang, Piet Van Mieghem,Michele Starnini,HuijuanWang, Gang Yan, Jianguo Liu, Changbing Tang, Tao Yang, Yuedong Xu, the teachers and students of RCSNS, the teachers and students of Fudan University, the teachers and students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the teachers and students of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Speaker: Piet Van Mieghem, Gang Yan, Michele Starnini, Yuedong Xu, Xiaofan Wang, Huijuan Wang, Changbing Tang, Yiling Yuan, Yiqing Zhang

Author: Baoyu Hou

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